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Chaperone issues with Cosmos (and other questions)


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We've been doing intensive testing with the Vive Cosmos yesterday in a 200m² warehouse for a professional use, and despite the headset proving very capable (congrats !) we faced two major issues with the chaperone system :

1) When trying to create à 200m² chaperone the resulting boundaries end up significantly different than what we input : it's much smaller, covering around 3/4th of the area.
2) When trying to put the chaperone transparency at "0" in the Lens parameters wndow the chaperone is indeed hidden but only for a few seconds, after a variable amount of time (1 to 10s) it goes back to the default transparency even if the parameter's slider stays at 0.

Additionnally, we also have three other unrelated problems :

3) We really need an option to prevent the Lens menu from opening up when clicking the Vive button : it's really important in professional situations so the end users don't break their experience by accident.
4) As many noted the tracking system doesn't work when lighting is a bit too low, but it also doesn't work when lighting is a bit too high, the second situation being the most problematic for us.

5) Controllers tend to loose tracking extremely often in partial occlusion situations, like when holding a virtual rifle. These exact same situations are handled almost flawlessly by WMR and Rift S headsets so I guess it can be solved via software ?

Finally, we have a question regarding the tracking system :

7) What files should we copy if we want to replicate the tracking data from one computer to another so they share the same tracking space ?

Thanks in advance for you help ! 🙂

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Hi @TomWanadev,

Thanks for your message and questions!

  • Your questions for 1), 4), and 5) - you are correct. They can all be addressed and improved through software updates which our team will be continuously pushing out to the VIVE Console. You'll be notified when to update your software and firmware. You can help us improve these issues by sending us a report with your logs. Instructions can be found here:
  • I've reported your issue 2) to investigate and reported your feedback 3) to see if that's something the team can implement in the future. 
  • I'll submit your question 7) internally to see what i hear back - stay tuned. 
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@TomWanadev Yes, a public ticket will be created and sent to the email you assign when reporting your issue through Vive Console. From there, you can communicate and follow up with the ticket. 🙂

Feel free to follow up on the tracking space data in case I don't get back to you by Monday. 

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