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DisplayPort over USB-C Alt Mode: issues, need help


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I'm having trouble using my Vive Cosmos on my laptop. My laptop has two DisplayPort connectors. One is a DisplayPort 1.2 connector that goes to the Intel HD card (since Cosmos setup complains that I need to plug it into the *other* DisplayPort for my NVIDIA card when trying to use it). My other DisplayPort connector is actually a USB-C port with an Alt Mode DisplayPort 1.3. It has a DP icon on the USB-C port, confirming it supports video output. I got a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter, which I plugged the Cosmos link box cable into.

Cosmos then gives me an error, 201: Headset display not detected. I was able to update the firmware, and it does say it tries to restart the device... but I keep getting a 201 headset display not connected error, telling me to check my cables.

I'm using the latest NVIDIA drivers for my RTX 2060. Please help and thank you!


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It appears DisplayPort 1.2 runs @ 17.28GBPS, so you will need a cable or adapter that supports at least that speed. Many only support 5.4GBPS, which is the likely cause of this problem. I haven't confirmed this and still hoping technical support can chime in. This is the cable I have coming in tomorrow, which will hopefully work:


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@Phr00t Thanks for detailing your troubleshooting process. This is awesome and helpful for the community members that may experience this issue. Keep us posted on what you find with your new cable. 

I know you've already found which DisplayPort that's dedicated to your GPU, but for those that need help identifying this, you can follow these quick steps:

Right click desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > Set PhysX Configuration


Shoutout to @Caesar T for this tip!


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55 minutes ago, ronvive said:

I have the same problem.  I purchased the usb-c adapter mentioned by phr00t and am still failing to connect.  

My graphics card is also rtx2070.  Not sure what I'm doin wrong.

perhaps checking the NV control panel first? 

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@ronvive We have no firsthand experience with that specific USB-C adapter cable.  We've recommend this USB-C adapter in the past that we know works: Club 3D CAC-1507

  • The UBS-C port on the laptop must be physically wired to the dedicated GPU and not just the integrated graphics.
    • The port must specifically support Displayport 1.2+ signaling.
    • Support for this varies widely and is highly model specific. Some laptop models don't wire the USB-C port to the GPU as a cost savings measure.
        • You may need to contact your manufacturer to get confirmation of how your laptop is wired up
        • You can get a rough check of your port mapping via the PhysX page of the Nvidia. If your port is supported, it should show up as a full sized Displayport Icon under your GPu
  • I can't speak to your specific adapter without more info. Not all adapters/cables work. The key requirements are that it must support 4K @ 60Hz, must support Display 1.2+, and must be able to transmit ~20Gbps of bandwidth.
  • If you have a Minidisplay port, this is our recommended mDP -> mDP cable: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0777RKTJB/ref=twister_B077GCMQXJ.
    • This is our recommended cable since it's known to work and is under $10.



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