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Bought games on the wrong account


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I have an account that is connected through my Steam username, but apparently I also have another HTC account (maybe created when I bought my HTC phone) that I didn't realize I had. When I logged in to the website to buy the Black Friday bundle, I used my typical login that I use in many other websites, and because I was logged in just fine, I figured everything was okay. I bought the games, and then loaded up my Vive application to find that they were not in my library. Turns out, my Vive application is logged in with my Steam account (which has a bunch of my other Steam games), but the login I used to buy the products was with another account, but they both use the same e-mail information!


I had started a live chat but was told they could not transfer the games to my proper account for me, and I don't qualify for refunds based on the conditions required. The representative told me to post here. Do I have any options or am I just SOL? Thank you very much. :)

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