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Free shipping and $100 off


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Hi guys,


Does anybody know if Vive free shipping and $100 actually work?

I am receiving their promotional email about free shipping and $100 off but when I add it to a shopping cart it says postage is $200 and there is no $100 off.


I have sent email to Vive support but they do not seem to care to reply to it. If it not worldwide offer(I am in AU) then why they sending me these emails. They know where I am from my profile.

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Hi , sorry this took a while... but unfortunately I have bad news; the $100 offer apparently did not apply to Australia. 


I'm not sure why you got the promotional email (if you like, send me a PM with your email address and I can follow-up) but sorry for any confusion. :( Hopefully there will be a Vive offer coming 'down under' before too long.

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