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Start-up confusions


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New to VR and Cosmos and solidly confused about the quickest start up sequence. Eventually I am getting to a few places but via a lot of places. If my goal is to go to a new game in my library.

1) On computer, is the first step to either start viveport or steam app, Or is my first step press green button on controller, let headset do it?

2) Then once Headset and controllers are up, what is a general starting point? Steam pretty home, with butterflies, or viveport home or lens, if all I want to do is go to game ? 


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Hey rolfdiet, 

Welcome to VR! Great question. The short answer is you can use either viveport or steam app, however, before launching either of those two - you should launch Vive Console. This will turn on your Cosmos and ensure everything is up and running with your computer.

1. On computer, the first step is to turn on VIVE Console. Make sure your headset and controllers are on.

2. Launch either Steam App or Viveport App.

3. Click the VR title you want to play.

4. Put on VR Headset

Both of these are great platforms with a variety of different VR titles you can choose to play. Launch the platform based on what title you purchased it from. 



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