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 Thank you for creating such a great new device that has many benefits over past devices on the market,I've been waiting :)

Anyway I'm not a complainer I know how hard it must be to do what you guys do, but I do want to say tracking in games where your hands and arms must move with dexterity is somewhat awful. Countless times I find myself looking at one or both virtual hands twisted in unnatural positions, frozen at my last input spot or still functioning, however now 2 or 3 feet further from my body then they began.

I've tried to be mindful of placing the controller behind me ( we know it doesn't like that) and I've got decent light, not TONS of light (I plan to hang some clip-ons to help out) and I never use batteries past 40% checked on multi meter.

I know its early days , I just wanted to provide the best feedback I could so that you people can continue to do the killer job you've done so far by focusing on the areas effecting your users.

Thanks again


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Hi JP,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and your kind words + patience! I do apologize for the issues you're experiencing with your controller tracking. The good news is that this is all software related that can and will be addressed in ongoing updates. Your feedback here is extremely helpful for us.

If you like and have the time, you can send us an issue report through your VIVE console about your tracking. The issue report will collect your logs and be sent to our engineering team to help address and improve tracking in the next updates. Instructions are super easy and here's how to do it: 

Again, thanks for the feedback and your understanding. Please don't hesitate to reach out for any other questions, feedback, or etc.


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