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Cosmos controller pairing

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Hi @Onesolesurvivor,

Apologies on the late response here and the issue you experienced. This slipped past me and understand I'm over a month late in response, but wanted to still respond to ensure you're taken care of. 

Are you still experiencing the left controller not connecting? I believe the new software updates pushed out should've fixed this issue (generally it was during the OOBE experience). You can right click the left controller icon in the VIVE Console and click "pair controller." 

Let me know,

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I'm pretty sure that's a reason which caused that rumor of very poor battery life.
The use of the delivered original batteries.

I ordered an 8-pack Eneloops after I got my headset.
I use them for maybe 8 hours or more (depends on games) and I have a spare of 4 fully loaded ones to swap immediately.

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