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HDCP Error

The Silent Jaguar

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I have been having a problem with my Vive ever since I upgraded my computer. The screens will randomly stop displaying and steamvr then displays the HDCP Error message. Sometimes in stead of going black it will randomly display static or a green screen before the lenses stop displaying. The game is still running though as I can see it in my monitor and the headset is still tracking. It is making games unplayable. So far I have tried replacing the 3 in 1 cable, updating all drivers for my computer, reinstalled the Vive software as well as steamvr, Ive tried bypassing the link box, enabiling and disabiling direct display, going into and out of steamvr beta and restating steamvr as well as my computer. I am using windows 10 and it is currently up to date.


I upgraded my CPU to a I5-9600K, my GPU to a RTX 2080, installed 4* 4gb ddr4 RAM and upgraded my PSU to 600w. The Vive worked fine before the upgrade but ever since ive had this issue and im not sure what else I can try. I would be grateful for any help or advice for resolving this



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@The Silent Jaguar - While it's not always required when swapping out a CPU, a clean installation of Windows is generally recommended if you end up hitting any unexplained stability issues after an upgrade. Similarly, when upgrading a GPU, it helps to enter the advanced installation settings on the Nvidia driver installer and checking the box to preform a "clean" installation which wipes out old configurations and settings allowing for a clean start. My mind immediately goes to the Windows install itself as the first potential cause.

Have you tried any other stressful applications on your PC like traditional 2D gaming? If there were issues with the GPU itself, other demanding games should be affected. As far as Nvidia is concerned, the recommended power requirement for the GTX2080. Depending on your config you could be hitting your PSU's ceiling.



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Hi -

I'm getting the same problem, it just started a few weeks ago.  Seems like Steam did an upgrade and now I'm having this issue.  I have the latest Nvidia drivers.

I play for a few minutes and then the screen goes black.  The "HDCP error message" displays.   

I was able to reboot and get going again for a few minutes but it recurred.

Any help will be appreciated.



@Synthesis @VibrantNebula

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone managed to fix this issue? I was happily playing Boneworks when the HMD went black, and hasn't come on again. I have a green light when the Vive isn't running any programs, but a red one when it is. Opening the VR View reveals that the tracking for the controllers and headset work fine. I've only had it for about 1 and a half weeks, and having spent $650 on the headset, $42 on Boneworks, and $50 on a new cable, not to mention the $2500 computer I got to play VR with, it's starting to look like a waste of money. 

@Synthesis @VibrantNebula @kenobi

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@Tedblobbloke Which HMD is this for? The support pathway can vary by which HMD you're referring to. HDCP errors are indicating that your GPU is failing to establish a secured encrypted connection to the HMD. Commonly it could be due to a bad HMD tether, one of the cables that you're using to connect to the linkbox, or the GPU simply not detecting the HMD correctly due to something like the HMD booting into extended mode rather than direct mode.

If it's an orignal Vive - the best strategy is to partially bypass the linkbox and plug the 3-in-1's USB and HDMI cables directly into the PC.

That said, if it's a new HMD from us - a week and a half old headset would certainly be under warranty and you probably could have gotten a tether swap or even an HMD swap via RMA.

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