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More than one PC/Room setup


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I use my headset on 2 different computers which are placed in different rooms.

It seems the room-setup is saved inside the headset because I got to redo room-setup everytime I change rooms.
I would advice to save the room-setup software side on the computer and let it push to the headset.

The great advantage: for each computer/room  you can have a saved room-setup.

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Hi @A-Jey,

Your discovery is correct - data used for mapping your environment will only be stored in your HMD. With regards to your request, I believe the risks outweigh this user experience due to data privacy. User privacy and data security is extremely important to us so I'm not confident your request will get through. Nonetheless, I'll still make a note and update you if I hear back.

Here's a Roadtovr article about our Cosmos Camera Privacy: https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-vive-cosmos-camera-privacy/


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Hey Steve,

but maybe there's enough ram on the headset to store several room setups maybe?
Let's say three.

Like mentioned before: I got two rooms to play and in one of them even on daylight or  evenings i got to change room-setup as it seems to differ in appearance for the headset.

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