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Cosmos Public Release


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After an extended leave of absence (after returning my Cosmos which was refused by HTC on a technicality, your customer support still stinks on returns and repairs HTC), I have tried the latest update whilst I speak to my credit card company.

I have to say this f/w is a big step in the right direction. Remaining immediate basic problems are:-

  • Tracking whilst controllers are close to the headset still sucks. This is a basic requirement and needs confirmation if this is actually possible by HTC as it is now 1.5 months since release. If not, then the product is not fit for purpose. Bow and arrow plus gun games aren't able to be played.
  • Light conditions still aren't perfect. Putting controllers on the floor in a normally bulb lit room results in them following you back up and then snapping back to the floor. However performance in this lighting condition has improved.
  • Button to re-centre display still not present, again a basic function.
  • Still waiting on that olive branch for your alpha/beta testers (oops I meant pre-orders).

If you could get this stuff right, I would even consider keeping my Cosmos. But saying your 'improving' it from month to month isn't enough, I want to hear that you will do these things (and more importantly) that you are able to do these things.

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