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Loss of tracking and floating image


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Hey @oxygen4004,

Sorry for the issue you're experiencing. We'll help you get this resolved! Regarding your previous post, you also mentioned that the image is freezing followed by your console going into searching mode. I'll need a little bit more information to fully understand the situation. Please complete the questions / requests below so we can help identify and solve the root cause of the issue!

1. Please submit an issue report through VIVE console. Please don't send me the SteamVR crash logs. We'll want to look at the Console one since you have issues pertaining to its crash. Here are the instructions to submit this report: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/

2. Loss of tracking:

  • Could you describe the timing of when this occurs? Does this happen immediately when you put on the headset? 
  • Which device is losing tracking? The HMD or the controllers? or both?

3. Are you able to complete room setup? 




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I think it is due to the USB port...always that USB port...

After 10min gaming, image is floating, moving with the head, then grey screen

I contacted Vive support...they will keep me posted...

I saw that the problem happened when controllers are ON

My position is that my controllers are creating an overtension 

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Okay since you already opened a ticket with VIVE support - I'll let that team handle the issue with you so you're not receiving multiple communication from us. Please keep us posted on any solution or updates regarding this here in the thread to help anyone else that might be experiencing this.

Thank you!


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