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HandTracking Shake


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Good morning.

I finally made Handtracking SDK work. I was quite happy with it.

I added the SRWorks SDK too in the see-though mode, and... awsome! the hand tracking even got better results.

But even with that, the rendered hands are always shaking a lot. What are the possible causes of this shaking? Is anything i can do to improve its behaviour? Im trying to do precise works as clicking 3D spatial buttons and its a little difficult with the hand shaking all the time.

Anyway, is an awsome work. Thanks for these SDKs.

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Hi @JCSegula

The current release do have some jittering in the results and we are trying to improve it. Internally, we do have some improvements with the jittering and expect to release new version before the end of the year.

For now, I would suggest you to make the buttons (or only the trigger area) slightly larger so you can trigger the button easier.

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@zzy It is shaking. BUT better than the previous version. Could U use all cameras?

I saw a video with cosmos, where the hand bones not shaking, just a little little bit. I try with my cosmos, and shaking..terrible. Why? What is the extra? why not the same result?

Thx the answers 🙂


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Hi @DLight

To troubleshoot performance on Cosmos, please make sure:

  1. Your Vive Console version is at least v1.0.7.x, recommended version v1.0.8.8
  2. If you are using other SDKs that uses camera, please turn them off first, so we can make sure the problem is in Hand Tracking SDK
  3. Please use see-through to check your environment and hand condition. Make sure your hand is neither too bright (i.e. no texture is visible) nor too dark (hand barely visible from background). You can open/close the Cosmos see-through by double clicking the Vive button of right controller.

By the way, can you share the video about cosmos? Let me check what version of SDK it's using.

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