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create my controller

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Hello community,

I have a project starting soon using VR. I would like to create my own controller (8 buttons) connected wireless to a VR headset. 

So my question is: is it technically doable?

Which headset(s) should I use? 

Which technology / programming language do I need to master?

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@Yann Leurent - It's super doable but it depends entirely off which base-technology you're selecting. If using SteamVR tracking (basestation tracking) - you'd need to purchase a SteamVR HDK from Triad Semiconductor - it looks like they're in between generations of kit right now: https://www.triadsemi.com/product/ts4112/.

The type of tracking you're using will determine everything - it really depends on what your use case is which will determine your constraints. One of the hardest parts is getting your controller tracking to work with your HMD tracking. Overall, I'd recommend going with a SteamVR based solution as the technology is royalty free and there is a decent amount of activity around the HDK.

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