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SRWorks Unreal Plugin - Changing Player Location


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It appears that when you change the players location or rotation in world space in Unreal that the camera image plane that is generated in front of the user doesn't adapt to update to this. Is there a way to ensure that if the player pawn translates that the ViveSR actors keep track and follow this? We've tried manually mapping the transforms to the image plane that is generated at run time however doesn't appear to do this.


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See screenshot of what happens when you rotate the player pawn by 90 degrees. The SR actors don't keep up and even when you do update their rotations accordingly, the transforms still don't create a properly aligned view.

Similarly if you have your player facing any direction other than along the X axis then there is a mis match in the attachment/transform between the image and the player camera.

15-11-2019 15-51-22.jpg@Daniel_Y @reneeclchen

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Answering my own question for everyone's reference

  • On begin play a ViveSRDualCameraImagePlane is spawned and is effectively mapped to the player camera transforms - HOWEVER this doesn't appear to be attached to the player camera component so when the player moves/transforms their location, the image plane orientation messes up.
  • Therefore simply at EventBeginPlay, if you get the spawned actor and attach it to the player's camera, this will ensure the image plane always keeps proper alignment

18-11-2019 10-09-38.jpg

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