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Problem Audio reset to standard while raising the visor


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When the visor of the HTC Vive Cosmos is raised, the audio drivers in a game (Project Cars 2 for me) or in SteamVR are reset to the default output device defined in Windows. This is annoying and annoying. The problem can only be solved by switching the audio output to HTV Vive Cosmos in the audio setting every time. 

I am of the opinion that as long as the HTC Vive Cosmos is in operation and even if the visor is folded up, the VR headset must not fall into a kind of standby. I see the reason in this direction and hope this will be fixed with the next FW update.

I would be grateful for further information.

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Hey @thydney1970,

Thanks for sharing and my apologies for the issue you're experiencing. I will work with you to help resolve this! Just to confirm, are you saying every time you physically flip the visor up, the audio output is switched? This is definitely a unique case... the only thing I can possibly think of that's causing this is the loose audio cable that is tucked underneath the hinge of your visor. Could you double check that audio cable to see if that's tightly secured? Once you do, try flipping up the visor up and down and checking the cable again to see if it moved during the process. 

If that doesn't fix the issue, could you submit an issue report and we'll have our engineering team quickly look into it. They'll then provide me an answer which I'll forward to you to address this as quickly as possible.

Here are instructions to submit an issue report after you've confirmed the audio cable is fully secured and still experiencing this issue: 




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