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Converter vs linkbox


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I just found out the existence of converter. But I don't get the difference between the included linkbox and converter - it looks like converter box is just a little bit smaller in size than linkbox. Anyone got details? Why would one buy a converter?

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Hey @Anrock,

Great observation! You're correct that the converter box is smaller in size. In addition, it doesn't require the extra power adapter to plug in which makes the setup process quicker and easier. 

Correction: It does require a power adapter. It's easier for backpacks. There's no button meaning it'll always be on. 

I, too, just discovered the cosmos converter is now available on our store (Select regions apply). 


"One easy cable connects your headset to your computer."

Hope this answers your question!



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No on/off button = fail for my use.  I like the on/off button on the Link Box because it makes it easier for me to easily switch over and run my Oculus Rift headset  Once it's turned off there are no conflicts.  I also like that when it's off there is no power going to the headset (that is, no standby lights) and my PC audio automatically switches back properly.

Wireless (without a link box) works fine because just unplugging the wireless battery basically does the same thing.

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54 minutes ago, Wolph said:

I wonder if it works with the Vive Pro.  I know some arcade owners that wanted to mount the linkboxes for the Vive Pro up high were not happy about having to push a button on the linkbox.

The product description says that this is only compatible with the Cosmos.  Not sure why?



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