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My Vive's status LED only lights in red


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 (The exact same Issue was btw the reason i gave back my Oculus to get a vive) Also i had this Issue after 2 Months but it randomly dissappeared. So whenever i Want to play a VR Game i set up the Sensor boxes and plug in the Cable box thing and then plug in the Vive. But since 2 Weeks the LED only lights up in red. Now heres the deal: I checked the hdmi cable, used a different one, checked the Cables and ports on the vive, checked the hdmi and usb ports on my computer and reinstalled Steam VR. Nothing helped. When I plug the vive in the light is giving me hope that i could use it, but nope. The Second i start steam VR it just changes to red telling me that i am a complete failure and dissappointment in life. Steam Vr then tells me that i am currently playing steam VR changes after 5 seconds to "searching for your headset" and then just goes "steam VR couldnt detect any headset" While this happens i hear the classic Windows "device disconnected" and "device connected" sounds multiple times... The onyl thing i could imagine is to check the USB cable. I am gonna order one now to check on later this day. But still i .. jsut feel like thats not the reason.


@VibrantNebula @jagibson

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