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Is 3DSP going to support other plugins?

Using namespace

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Hey folks,

I am a sound designer. Recently I am dedicated myself to design a 3D sound scenarios with and without user interactive interface. I ran into Vive 3DSP and it was fantastic and easy to build a simple case. For further editor, however, I was stuck because Vive 3DSP supports only Unity/Unreal plugins. Is 3DSP going to have a AAX/AU/VST plugin? So looking forward to this extension.


@Professor 3DSound

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Hi @Using namespace


It is a pity that the VIVE 3DSP version of AAX/AU/VST plugin are not provided currently. Support of various platforms and applications are in our further plan. There is still workaround for your reference.

In 3DSP audio source, there is a function called export audio file. It allows you to save the  output of Unity audio source, processed with gain, graphic equalizer and parametric equalizer in 3DSP audio source. You can tune the listening experience in Unity, and do the other processing in your favorite tools. The other function called record audio files, which is in 3DSP audio listener, save what the audio listener would hear into an audio file. If you play each audio source at a time, you can record the final output, processed with all 3DSP audio effects, into a file. After that, you can do your work at your favorite tools.

It is really good to hear your feedback. You are always welcome if you have further questions.

Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound

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