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Bluetooth drivers not working


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Hi, just had the same problem and was running around troubleshooting.


What worked for me is to download the drivers from here :


Under drivers


WIDCOMM® Bluetooth Windows® Software for Windows 10 & 8, 64-Bit

Unpack the files to your computer. 

Open Device Manager

Find the problem driver (with yellow exclamation mark), for me it was called BCMxxxxx 

Right click and choose update driver software, then choose browse my computer for driver software.

Navigate to the place you unpacked the downloaded driver, and go here BTW Retail Package\Win64 then press open.

The correct drivers should now install itself. 

This solved my problems with the drivers not installing be themself.

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Hi , don't re-install Windows 10 again... that may not help!


The Bluetooth support on the base stations / lighthouses can be a little touch and go. Some find it's easier to just unplug the base stations between uses - they're designed to do this and don't need resetting or similar.


However, if you're trying your phone too, you have a couple of options. 's solution might work for you. Another suggestion that might help I found here (reproduced below):




Give each a go and see if it helps. 

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I have got Bluetooth driver problem in my newly Lenovo think pad 32-bit windows 7 I have asked so many friends but they didn't give correct solutions then I have searched on the internet and finally, it was good working. I think you didn't correct Bluetooth driver installed by that website that's why Bluetooth driver doesn't work on your laptop have also installed the drivers and I am entering that below two websites, we can trust that website so I am suggesting to you these are correct drivers to us. if you install that Bluetooth drivers then you will get driver solution.

Thank you.

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