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Think of buying Vive.


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Recently i got into vr, and really consider buying a vive.

So, earlier today, i found a listing on amazon with a vive that was used, like new for 330 dollars.

It was sold by Markt-AZ

But i am afraid that it is not legit.

Please reply if you have any experiences with buying from them, and if you think they are legit.

Really excited to get VR!

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@Azkeeh I can't speak to that specific seller but I can speak about used Vive's overall. Vive 1 uses external tracking - it comes with these external basestations that shoot out high speed laser pulses. These basestations are mechanical - they spin around at 3600RPM. Because of this, I would advise against buying a used Vive kit under almost all circumstances unless it specifically has a warranty because you don't know the health of the basestations and if one of them fails, it will not be covered under warranty. Buying a used kit only to have a station fail on you would be a huge bummer and it's really not worth the risk.

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