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An option to deactivate or change Screenshot button combo needed!


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This is really a serious problem...
The combo for taking screenshots is the same as in Steam and it seems the Vive Console overrules the Steam Combo.

So this happens: I get a 3D side by side screenshot from Vive Console but no screenshot inside Steam (bound to the game inside).
The Steam screenshot is a normal 2d one and can be shared inside Steam.

So I ask here for an option to deactivate this button combo (and an option to select a different combo instead).

A screenshot outside of Steam is senseless.


@stvnxu @C.T.

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On 12/30/2019 at 11:19 AM, w.y said:

I noticed that double clicking system key and pressing trigger can still capture Steam screenshots lol.

A workaround which isn't very handy.
So it has to be fixed.

Screenshot function on Steam is the daily driver!

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