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Help | using the VIVE pro as mounted camera


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i'm trying to develop a unity build to use it in my research in university.

till now i used unity + vuforia to build android augmented reality.

now after we bought 3 vive pro headsets, we are trying to develop an augmented reality using the vive pro

so i need to make the headset work as a mounted camera (sea throught)

i just installed the SRWorks SDK, but i can't make it work with my humble experience

any help please? how i van make the vive work as mounted camera with unity ! what i need to do ?  


thanks alot,


@Jad @Daniel_Y

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@omarabuasbe, Can you please describe a in more detail what errors you're encountering and how you're trying to implement stuff? I see this as two distinct clusters:


  • Are you still trying to use Vuforia? If so, the Vive/Vive Pro are not supported officially by Vuforia.


  • Please post a screenshot of the error messages you're seeing

In regards to the camera output, that can be a bit system dependent. In many cases, if you go into SteamVR -> Settings -> Camera and disable it, it will free the camera up to be accessed like a regular webcam with the two images stacked on top of one another. If you're using something like SRWorks however, you'd need this enabled within SteamVR for the SDK to view it. How'd you'd potentially access this webcam in your project would depend on what you're trying to do with the feed most likely.

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