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I don't understand about "Content Manifest / binary_path_windows"


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I am submitting my vr game to the VIVEPORT.


I didn't understand about "Content Manifest / binary_path_windows"


VIVEPORT Submission Guide is written like this.


Edit only the line containing "binary_path_windows": while leaving the rest of the content manifest unchanged. "binary_path_windows":"path\\to\\your-app-binary.exe",


I don't understand where this manifest file is. 


My project is made using UE4. and I have a "Manifest_NonUFSFiles_Win64.txt" file in the root level of my project folder. 


Should I edit this file? or Is there any other file?


Please help me .


Thank you for reading 

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Hi , sorry about any confusion. While I mention Unity in that thread the steps should apply to UE4, or indeed anything you're developing that results in an EXE and associated files.


The content manifest is editable directly in the window in the Binary Build section. You have to edit the path line there to show where your EXE file is in your submitted ZIP. If you have problems, go ahead and submit without editing the manifest - our submission team can fix if required.

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