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Is there a way to turn on / off the Tron mode in Unity?


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I'm developing in Unity.

Is there a way to turn on / off the Tron mode in Unity?

I want it to work with code rather than SteamVR setting.

I want to know which classes or methods I can modify

SteamVR version is beta 1.9.16  / 2.5.0 (sdk 1.8.19)


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18 hours ago, JCSegula said:

As far as i know, (and is not very much in  this topic) you can use this:


Anyway, I remember i read something about it on Unity Blog:


Hope it helps a little 😄

Thank you. The method you gave me doesn't work, but let's find the relevant rink and script .

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12 hours ago, VibrantNebula said:

@Chain - The blog @JCSegula posted is the recommended Unity resource on this topic. The user needs to previously have cameras enabled in SteamVR settings for this to work, if they have the cameras disabled, you're out of luck.

EVRSettingsError e = EVRSettingsError.None;
                                ref e);
        OpenVR.Settings.Sync(true, ref e);
        return e;


This method(Setbool) is not working...

but GetBool method is working.

I don't know what is the problem.

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