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SteamVR room setup does not detect the devices.

Pieter Moller

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SteamVR detects the devices but they show as blue not green and the room setup does not detect the devices. I am guessing that the Graphics device is not compatible (Nvidia Quadro M2000 with the latest drivers loaded) but would like confirmation 

before we go out and spend on a new adapter. As a side note, the adapter has display ports and there is a display port to Hdmi adapter inbetween. 


Thanks in advance.


@VibrantNebula @Synthesis

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I will go as brute and ignorant as i am... (hope someone cleaner and expert can throw a stone at my face)

Ignore this if you feel im wrong, i am probably wrong.


I think the "normal" way to check this is doing a re-pair in SteamVR menu -> Devices -> Pair Controller. But i think you had tried this already.

Check your PC too: PC settings -> PC and Devices -> Bluetooth . There check that HTC BS and HTC BS XXXXX and make sure both are paired.

Other way i would go is resetting the controller via holding buttons and pluggin into the PC. Or try a different USB plug.

And if not... try to have all the controllers and drivers up to date.

I dont have any more ideas. So i would say here "Yep, its a hardware problem" :)


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@Pieter Moller

Unfortunately, the Quadro M2000 is quite a bit below the minimum requirements for Vive (NVIDIA 970). Quite simply, it's not going to be able to support any Vive hardware or VR content. Furthermore, you cannot use a displayport to HDMI adapter for VR. It will not work. You can use displayport to minidisplayport if needed, but you can't change standards from DP to HDMI. That's probably the reason you're not able to detect the hardware.

Thank you,

-Jack S

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