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New Vive VR System Lens/Origin


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One the very nice things I like with my new Cosmos is it's new VR system with lens/Origin.  I don't actually go into Origin all that often but I find the Lens popup very handy for calling up VivePort and Steam games on the fly.  Plus it's also easy to go into SteamVR's dashboard if need be.  Will this system be available soon for my Vive Pro?  Thanks.

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@TomCgcmfc That's a good question, I can reach out to our product team and ask. The lens/origin setup is installed alongside the Vive console which serves as the runtime for Cosmo's tracking and IO - I'm not sure if it will ever see a more widespread release but I can ask. As far as I know, we don't intend to make current Pro HMDs tied to the Vive console.

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