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[School Project] : explore the File System


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Hello, community, 

We are a group of two students at the UPHF in Valenciennes, France. Yet, we are beginners in the VR development world in general. For our first project, we have to develop a small application to get familiar with the HTC Vive development.

The application should provide the ability to read/display any media file including pdf. Thus, the user should somehow explore the file system to choose a "file" to display. For that, we are using Unity (for the environment) with SteamVR plugin.

After some research, we found that is possible to display media files with SteamVR Media Player directly. However, we didn't find any clue for using this functionality as an API or library for our project, plus, the functionality is limited just on media types.

So, we are wondering, if there are any libraries/APIs that we can use to expose to the user the ability to explore the file system. Once, he chooses a file we'll open it in our own way (in a browser of example).

Thank you in advance for your replies. Any suggestions could help us, so please, don't hesitate.

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