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Are vive pro projects compatible with cosmos and focus?

Teresa Liu

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Hello,sorry for my poor english.

Current projects are mainly developed with unity + vive pro. Later, due to the needs of the project, cosmos and focus may be used, so I would like to ask the following questions

1. The plugins mainly used in the vive project, I use steam vr and vrtk. Can the project developed in this way be used on cosmos?

2. Same as 1, can it be used simultaneously in focus (exclude the use of AMD graphics card to project the Vive project wirelessly on focus)

3. The project is changed to a multiplayer version. Is there support for cosmos or focus too?

Thank you

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@Teresa Liu If you use the latest SteamVR plugin it will generate Cosmos controller bindings files by default and the project will support Cosmos. If you are developing for cross platform with Focus and PC it may be helpful to use the Vive Input Utility (VIU). For multiplayer you can develop a cross platform multiplayer game with plugins like the Unity Multiplayer SDK or Photon SDK.



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