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purchase problem


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Hi ; one common issue we've seen is that some people accidentally end up with two accounts, and their purchases are on one account, not the other. (This usually happens because you have logged in via Steam, Facebook or Google+ at some point, as well as creating an HTC account.)


This is especially possible if you bought back in October. Easy to forget!


To check what account type you're logging in with, do the following:


- If you're logged in to the forums, go ahead and click on this link: https://www.viveport.com/myprofile


(If you're not logged in, log in at Viveport.com or here on the forums, then click the link.)

- There, under your email address, you should see something like 'Use HTC login' or 'Use Steam login'. That will determine which account you're using to login. Here's a picture of my account - suitably censored, except for my beautiful face (ahem). You can see I'm using the HTC login.


Whatever you see there, you will then want to try logging in with the social options. Just log out on Viveport, and try logging in with the other options. At each step, check your library.


Let me know how it works out for you.

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