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How do you turn off Chaperone?


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Still looking into the OpenVR/SteamVR aspect of this but I was able to confirm that you can still manually disable it by editing the steamvr.vrsettings script:

  1. Close the SteamVR compositor and then open the steamvr.vrsettings file using a text editor (default location is at C:\ProgramData\Steam\config)
  2. Check if there is a line that says “collisionBounds”
    1. If there is add the following to it:
“CollisionBoundsFadeDistance” : 0
    1. If there is not, then add the following in the file after a closed bracket set:                                                              
  “collisionBounds” : {
        “CollisionBoundsFadeDistance” : 0
  1. Save and close the file. Next, start SteamVR and the chaperone bounds should be gone. If they are still there, check your syntax and try again.

You just have to be really careful about your syntax and making sure your brackets are all closed off properly.  Here is a picture, showing what the final addition looks like (note that the other lines of script in this file will likely look different):


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