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Vr and sli (dual graphics cards)


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Has anyone here on this forum or even the devs tried sli with this headset?

I'm intrigued to see if there is any benefit to the system seeing as it's such a high resolution display and requires quite some strength to push it to its limit.

Or is sli just dead?

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@Hooflee, Dual GPUs are widely unsupported within VR and are more or less a dead end at this point in time. Only a tiny handful of titles have multi-GPU support integrated to date. In a nutshell, it's a bit of an SDK and rendering engine nightmare to yield multi-GPU support. To boot, since multi-GPU setup are a niche, there isn't a very clear return on investment for developers to architect their game's rendering pipelines around multiGPU support. AMD and Nvidia both have their own proprietary SDKs - it's definitely possible, it just not widely adopted by devs and the hardware dependency further complicates the matter. 

To my knowledge, the apps with multi-GPU support that have been actually published to the public are:  Serious Sam: Last Hope, VR Funhouse, Trials on Tatooine, Raw Data, and Eve Valkyrie. It's under 10 titles overall - I wouldn't hold my breath for devs to integrate support for existing titles. For the current generation of VR apps, it's definitely best to invest in a single powerful GPU.

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