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HMD's clock and timestamps

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I am trying to measure the eye tracker latency (difference between when an eye sample is captured on the system sensor and the current time of the computer). Does anybody know what this timestamp of the computer actually shows? I know it is a number in millisecond, but what is the time zone of it? It should be comparable with the PC time in ms.

- Would the headset's clock reset on every restart of the headset?

- Are the timing matters similar to Tobii? Does this document from Tobii relate to the timings in Vive Pro as well?

- Are there any more info on latency? (not on the forum posts, but official referable manuals/documents released by Vive Pro Eye people)


Me and many others are using this headset for research, and things like timing are quite important to us (I am doing gaze-contingent stuff), and unfortunately there is nobody to clarify these things about the device! 

The manual is not very helpful (with many typos!), and the last place I find for getting more information is this forum, and I only find more people with questions like myself, and not many useful responses!


@Daniel_Y @Corvus

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