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Tracker axis alignment


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Hi there,
As far as I know, the Z axis changes as my tracker moves forward. Is there a setting that not the Z-axis but the X-axis points forward?
Or can I somehow convert that?
Do you have a tip for me, please?

Use Unity with SteamVR and ViveUnityUtility.
I'm still a beginner. Sorry.

Thank you
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Thank you for the info.

How should I explain it in more detail?
I have a space of 3.50 m by 4.80 m.
When I enter the room through the door, I have a base station on the right above the door in the corner of the room. Also diagonally opposite another. So in the top left corner, above my window.
When I walk from the window towards the door, this currently corresponds to the X direction (right). If I walk to the left, that's the Z axis.
Now I have a MoCap system (Perception Neuron from NOITOM), which uses the Z axis when running forward. And for the right, the X axis.
Would like to put a tracker on the back of the hip and use it to correct the position.
But somehow I have huge problems to use this correctly. Think I'm still too beginner.

I hope I have understood that understandably. Also use the Google translator.


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Excuse me. My mistake.
When I walk forward from the window to the door, it's the X axis.

My project is running on Unity with SteamVR and HTC.UnityPlugin imported.
Is HTC.UnityPlugin the same as VIU? There is also a ViveInputUtility directory within the HTC directory.

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