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Disable IDP Pop-up


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It would be really nice to be able to disable the pop-up IDP adjustment screen, or at least have it be a little more discreet. I'm usually watching a video and using this adjustment to try to get the best focus, using the video and not the crosshair. The pop-up makes it impossible to do that.

The crosshair doesn't seem to change at all, I'm starting to think that my IDP adjustment knob does nothing.

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Yeah sometimes I feel the same. Think this kind of thing is different for every user where it works really well for some and has little assistance for others. I'll submit a ticket in the system as feedback for an option to disable. Won't guarantee it, but nonetheless thank you for your feedback!

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I second that, and that would also fix the issue of the popup appearing after accidentally hitting the knob or moving the head too fast.

I think the cross-hair thing might be more useful if there were more bars closer to the outer corners, because at the moment, it's easy to get the right focus for the middle, but much harder to find a setting that also doesn't make the sides too blurry.

Anyways, although being able to hide the panel completely would be appreciated feature, it would still be nice to have a 3rd option: keep only the "##.## mm" setting displayed somewhere more discreet (at the bottom/top?) so it's easy to find the right setting again after someone else used the headset with a different IPD

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