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Sound decay usage


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Hi, I have some sound decay question

When i select the Overwrite volume rolloff -> Line Source Decay, but the decay effect doesn't as obvious as others decay mode (real world or point source)

For example I set listener (0,0,0) and move source position from (0,0, -100) to (0,0, -200)

Did I miss some settings?



@Professor 3DSound


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Hi @Lor,

There might be 2 reasons that I could come out currently:

1. For human sound perception, the sound decay speed in line source decay is half of the real-world or point source sound decay. So the decay effect of line source decay is not as obvious as real-world or point source decay.

2. Except for real-world decay, all other sound decays have the "minimum volume decay (dB)" option. The value set here would be the least volume decrease of sound decay effects. Therefore you don't hear any changes when the sound source is far enough to the listener.

If neither the above reasons are the cause of your question, please show us the detailed settings used in your comparison.

We would like to do our best to explain.

Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound

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