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HTC didn't fix my Vive


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Since I gave up definitely on getting my Vive fixed, I've decided to at least let people know about my experience with their tech support:
My Vive works, I can still play with it and will continue to play, but it has a malfunction: it shows a slightly darker image in the right eye, its like the left eye doesn't turn its pixels off when true blacks are present while the right eye does. This effect is unnoticeable in most games, but clearly visible and very unconfortable in darker scenes: it feels like I'm wearing an eye-patch covering my right eye most of the time I play The Brookhaven Experiment.
As anyone with a similar problem would, I've decided to request a RMA ticket.
But My Vive was bought in the US and brought to Brazil, where I live. HTC doesn't provide RMA tickets that involve international shipping. I went through all the tests their tech support required and, in the end, they came to the conclusion that it was in fact an RMA case. But there was that international shipping problem.
Well, I came up with a plan: send it to a company in the US that specializes in importing things to Brazil (since the government here taxes anything that enters the country by 60%, and they don't care if it's something that already belonged to you before it even entered the US or any other country that the product came from). I found such coimpany, put the plan in motion: they received it, HTC provided me with a RMA ticket, then I authorized the company to send it to HTC, HTC sent it back to them and they finally sent it to me. the whole process costed me the equivalent of US$ 150,00.
But, to my despair, my Vive came back with the very same malfunction. I wasted money, time and risked losing an expensive piece of equipment. For nothing.
Some HTC employee I spoke with apologised, said she was sorry, and understood my frustration and all... In the end, HTC simply offered me the "opportunity" to get another RMA ticket. Obviously, I won't pay US$ 150,00 more, wait for 2 months again while having no guarantee that it will actuallly get back to me fully functional this time.
They might even have thought that I, having to go through all that to get my Vive fixed, would not try that again, wouldn't sue them since I live in another country, so they could just ignore my case and send it back just as it were, instead of sending me a brand new headset as a replacement. And they were right, it's not worth the effort to try again, it still works and is a lot of fun, despite the malfunction.
So, I'm just very disappointed with HTC and decided to share this sad story, because it seems to me it's the only thing I can do now.

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