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Unreal Engine Full Screen Support


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Howdy ^_^
I am working on a game using Unreal Engine 4 for the Vive and I have a bit of a favor to ask. Oculus is funding Robo Recall on Unreal. Becuase of this some nice easy tools have started to show up for Oculus on the Unreal Engine that are not available for the Vive. One for example is the ability to switch the Desktop render viewport from stereo render to single and to change the resolution very easily. This is done via a console command in the engine "hmd mirror mode 4"
this command has 5 values (0-4):
3=SingleEye Letterboxed,
4=SingleEye Cropped

Oculus maintains that part of the Unreal Engine them selves so it is only functional for the Oculus. 
So my favor to ask is that hopefully someone might be able to maintain similar abilities for the Unreal Engine for the Vive. That way Vive will stay just as feature rich as any other HMD on Unreal Engine. Also this way content creators such as myself have just as easy a time developing for the Vive as anyone would for the Oculus. 
I am more than likely missing alot of pieces of the puzzle here so my apologies if I offend anyone by asking. I just started to come acrossed these features as I progress along and thought to bring atension to it. Anywhoozle, thank you so very much for your time and any help is truely apreciated.

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