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How to render skeleton with 2d mode


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First, I'm not very good at English so bare with me.

I'm currently working on the Sample scene in the Hand tracking sdk in Unity. 

I'm using XR settings of Google Cardboard which doesn't support Skeleton mode.(I suppose I'm on the 2d point mode)

But can I render the skeleton model with the 21 points returned by the GestureInterface.cs(with the fake z coordinate)?

I know it will seem weird but I would really want those skeleton to show 

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Hi @JayPark

Since you are using Google Cardboard, then you are using 2d point mode. In this mode, only 1 2d point is returned to represent each hand.

If you are working with the sample scene, it already supports 2d point mode and it only displays 1 point for each hand. Although the API returns 21 points, only the first point is meaningful for 2d point mode. All other 20 points should be zero values and should be ignored.

If you are using the latest v0.9.1 version, there is a switch between skeleton and hand model if you make like gesture with both hands (thumb up). In such case, your hand point may disappear. You can make it appear by making the same gesture again.

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