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Parametric equalizer setttings in plugin


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Since it has 7 sets of parametric equalizer settings in Vive3DSP plugin.
For my recent development needs, I want to know what parameters should be set for classical music sounds?
Is has a set of parameters that are suitable for the listener?

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Hi @AmeliaPan

The listening experience is different from person to person. It is hard to say that, there is one general set that suits for all people.

Fortunately, some good presets are possibly found.

I would like to suggest you to see the graphic equalizer presets in some commercial equalizer software. Those presets are tuned for professional music producers, so you can try to tune your parametric equalizer to be close to those presets. After that, you could fine tune parameters to get your own presets!

In VIVE 3DSP, the parametric equalizer also provides the frequency response graph, so that you could see the tuning result immediately. It would be much easy for your tuning.

Hope this helps you. Any questions are welcome to ask in this forum.

Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound


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