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First I have to say, i'm a very critical consumer, as an engineer and It professional I expect a certain standard of quality. 

I was skeptical but after updating tonight this is a step in the right direction. 

Bow and Arrow games are now playable, the controllers snap into view a lot faster, albeit there is still some drift with the controllers. 

Over all thought the responsiveness of the tracking is much better from the last update. 

Having said this I'm still getting a lot of drift in a particular game, "The Curious Tale of the stolen pets".

The controller drift and HMD drift has not improved at all. 

Please look into this, thanks.

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Thanks for your constructive feedback @Glaucoma Predator! We wouldn't be this far in our progress without our customer's support and patience. I'll submit this for our engineering team to look into. 

BTW, that's a great game. (Spoiler alert) Putting the tree leaves in the pot and hovering it over the fire to make hot tea was my fave... 

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I definitely agree with predator on his assessment. Games with two-handed poses see improvement - For bows I tested Apex Legends, Blade and Sorcery and Longbow in The Lab. For rifles tested H3VR, and Boneworks. 

Bows were much less jittery and had better accuracy, with only occasional controller drift and position loss. 
Rifles were steadier, could actually hit a target through a scope (impossible at launch). Occasional position loss and slight delay when "leaving" locked pose

I personally saw some improvement to headset jittering, was previously noticing it during load screens or in slight movement when standing still ingame, a bit smoother now.

All in all - another great step in the right direction. Thanks guys!

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