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[PSA] Safe Mode issue on SteamVR 1.10.28


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If you can’t disable safe mode and find headset is not connected on steam VR monitor at SteamVR 1.10.28.

Please follow the instructions below for short term solution.


1.      Please close SteamVR and update to beta 1.10.30 version.
*How to update SteamVR beta 1.10.30

·        Find SteamVR app on Steam game list and launch properties after closing SteamVR.

·        Select “beta – SteamVR Beta Update.

·        Close Steam VR monitor to trigger auto update



2.      After updating to SteamVR beta 1.10.30, click unblock to ViveVR in “manage add-ons” page.


3.      Switch on ViveVR status and restart SteamVR.


4.      After restarting SteamVR, you will find the HMD successfully connected, and you may also dismiss the “Add-on blockedmessage



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