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Enterprise Portal Generic "Error"


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I'm trying to update an application on the Enterprise Portal. I successfully uploaded the APK, and all the initial manifest checks were successful. I was able to successfully submit it, but when I return to the dashboard, I see the following: image.thumb.png.7f9e596da44f211d08bf23b445d27846.png

I can't find anything to tell me why the status is "Error", and reuploading the APK does nothing to change the status. Can we get some better feedback about these kinds of errors please?

@Ken Lee

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We checked the logs in the backend and it appears that this error is due to the app has been signed with different key.

Please kindly signed this app again with same key that used previously and re-upload.

If this app cannot be signed again with same key, please kindly help to deleted this existing app (with error) and upload the new version app again.

Thank you and sorry for your inconvenience.


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