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How to activate Cosmos Mic during Game Recording

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I'm trying to record some games with my Nvidia Geforce Experience and can´t activate my laptop camera and also can´t activate my cosmos mic.

It records fine the video but the mic sound comes from the laptop. I went trough the settings in the geforce experience but in the audio settings there's only the laptop mic as the only choice....

I had ps4vr headset working on this computer .... do you think is something with the drivers or because of the ps4vr ?

Do you advise to re-install Steam and HTC cosmos as well?

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I just solve this...

I had some other problems with resolution and blurriness etc...Yesterday I removed steam drivers etc...started all over again and It now works.

To help any one with the same problem....I had steam ivry installed because before cosmos I used PS4VR headset. So any how this previous installation was conflicting with drivers and now its ok...

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Hey @jvicente1971,

Thanks for sharing and supporting the community here! This wasn't something I was aware of so this saved me the extra time should other future users report this. 

Feel free to plug your streaming channel here for the Cosmos community users to check it out.  


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