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Continuously getting the "Download Error Internal Error" when trying to download


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I know there are a few other topics regarding this but I feel like this is a problem that needs to be fixed. I have gotten this issue for nearly everything I've tried downloading from Viveport. I've gotten to the point where I don't think I want to purchase any further titles from Viveport if I have to literally babysit the downloads to make sure they complete.

The download will go for maybe 10 minutes and then it'll pop up with with error until I click the resume button. Nothing else happening on the computer other than me working in the background.

And I have gone through all the processes reccomended in the other posts of clearing my cache, logging out of my account, killing all the processes and logging back in and I still get the download errors. I'm almost tempted to ask for a refund and just go purchase the games on Steam because their servers are much more reliable...

/End Rant

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Hey , at this point there's not much else I can do to diagnose remotely.


I'd really appreciate it if you can send along your Viveport logs after a failed download so our software engineers can look at the issue. 


Here's how to send logs:


1. Launch the Vive desktop client. 

2. Go to Settings.


3. Under Help, click Report Issue.


4. Fill in the required fields.


5. Click Archive Logs and Send.


6. Your email app will be launched to ask you to send out the logs. If you do not have an email app set up, then you will be shown where the logs are to mail them separately.


If you PM me with your email address, I'll follow up with the team personally. I can also arrange refunds if required.

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I totally agree with the ThreadStarter.

But since a few days I did not have that errors. (nothing changed at the settings)

But the downloadtimes are soooooo bad. I did not have a fast Internet, only 1000DSL but me normal downloads are 150kb/s (youtube or Steam). At VIVEPORT it is between 2-15 kb/s.

I have tryed other server than the default ( HH Germany). No better download.

I bought the X_mas special, but can´t get all of them.

EVEREST VR would take 2316 min to download ........ LOL

NO... that´s not funny!

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yea... i can contest to this as well... recomend restarting the pc... this vive software does not auto update its self.... after i restarted my pc it then began to update... also white list it on anti virus software you have as well... if your using a vpn close out of that as well...


but with me it seems to be an issue with certain games rather then the client it self. to many people trying to download it at one time and bad servers... the download speeds are really slow. i normally download around a megabyte a second. this has it going at about 300 kb/s or so. I am trying to download everst VR because i got it free. but it looks like i am going to just say screw it with this issue.


htc needs to just give out steam codes for things that can be baught on steam. this is why no body buys things from people other then steam. at least steam works. you need an option for peer to peer downloads.

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There is a reason why we have firewalls and Virus Protection on our computers, I have never had this problem with Steam today it has taken me 6 hours to get the games to download and NO I am not being a drama queen and making it sound more than it is. I am starting to feel is it worth the subscription atm because I bought the VIVE I got two months free but I am starting to think is it worth £8.99 a month to get this issue. I don't want to be turning off my virus protection and firewall everytime I want to download from VIVE games because. When a firewall and virus protection stops a program going through the system that means that there is an issue that the protection feels that the computer will be at harm if This is let through.
VIVE needs to look at there THE app, and figure out what is this coding error that the Virus and firewalls won't let IT pass this could be a Coding error within the APP or is a security Error with this program that the Virus and Firewall picks up as a Hazard the fact that VIVE posts that this is an issue and multiple people are picking this issue up then that must be the case Now VIVE you need to look at this Issue and figure this out, as I know myself I am very security conscious person. I don't want to be paying for a Subscription if every month I have to turn off my firewalls and virus protection to download your games.
Being you are partnered with Steam why not have a Steam-Vive page use their servers as they have this figured out, now I am not being brash I love the VR world and chose games.
But you can't be asking your customers to turn off there Virus Protection and firewalls look at your APP security coding or program code why the Firewalls and Virus protection picks up your VIVE software as a threat.

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, which AV are you using? We maintain active lines of communication with AV vendors and regularly provide samples for them to add to their whitelist. That said, each AV vendor has different timelines for whitelisting codes and different schedules upon which they push definition updates so sometimes we do see false positives. 


Disabling AV is a basic first line step of troubleshooting - by suggesting it, we are not suggesting that you should always have AV or your firewall disabled. If you're having a download error, and are able to access the client, it would be very helpful to go into the client's settings, find "report an issue" and then use that GUI to submit a report. You can PM me with the resulting case ID and I'll flag it for our client team to review. 

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