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No station 2.0 udpate and srceen dor effect htc vive pro


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Hello I have a full kit htc vive pro and I can not do the update because I have no button on the back and when I go in the settings to update the base station it says "Bluetooh signal from the interconnect box not detected. please check the connections of the interconnect box, then disconnect and reconnect the power supply to reset the box, and finally restart steamVR." I do not know it is station 2.0 of the live pro full kit so if you can help me and if possible I see blur because 1200 euro anyway.


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@Helyoos There appears to be a language barrier here - I'm unfortunately not understanding what you're saying here. It sounds like you're talking about basestation channel management - you can manage 2.0 station's channels over bluetooth by going to SteamVR -> Devices -> Bluetooth Settings and first installing and enabling the bluetooth driver. Next you'd go to SteamVR -> Devices -> Basestation  Settings -> Manage 2.0 channels, scan for basestations, and then select "automatic configuration" to automatically resolve channel conflicts.

If you cannot use bluetooth to manage the settings for whatever reason - there is still a manual button on the basestation. Above the power supply there is a small hole - that is a pinhole button that you can trigger with a paperclip to manually change the channel. When doing this the basestation must be powered on - but you also must be very careful to not move the station around too much while it's spinning otherwise you'll damage and break the station. Just press it once or twice and you'll eliminate the conflict.

If you're trying to update the basestation's firmware - I would recommend taking the basestation, plugging in the MicroUSB cable into the station and PC with the station powered off, plugging in the station side power adapter first, then plugging the AC/DC adapter into the wall, and then preforming the update. When done, unplug the AC/DC adapter from the wall first that way you're not touching the station while it's powered on. This will ensure you never touch the stations while they're spinning.








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Hello and thank you I found the solution for the stations my regarding the live pro it is normal that it is blurry on the edges? Because 1200 euro still and I have already positioned the lenses on my eyes in the middle it seems to me clear my on the edge it is horrible for a live pro it is terrible I hesitate to sell it say that basic I wanted to buy the wireless adapter .

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@Helyoos All VR headsets have a limited sweet spot around center and do get a little blurry as you go out to the edges.  Just the nature of the Fresnel lenses.  To help make sure your sweet spot is as large as possible adjust the IPD correctly.  Also, spend a fair amount of time fine tuning your faceplate placement, including getting the distance slider as close to your eyes as is safely possible.  If you are new to VR give yourself a little time to get used to things.  When I started off in VR I initially was not very happy with the resolution and picture quality.  I guess I thought it should look as good as my monitor.  After a couple of months everything looked much better.  So, hang in there.

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