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VIVE Tracker standalone


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@Gaetano - Yes, it is technically something you can achieve with just a tracker and a minimum of one base-station but it's not considered an officially supported use-case. It's definitely an advanced use-case as without controllers - it's really hard to easily set up your tracking universe. You can use what's called a "null" HMD driver to accomplish this. Please refer to this guide from Triad semiconductor - they're the company who manufacturers the sensors which enable SteamVR tracking.

You cannot use trackers whatsoever without the basestations. For virtual production - you'd probably need to get 2 or 3 of the newer 2.0 basestations as well as a tracker 2018 as 2 stations would only cover ~5 meters diagonally which is small area for most lenses. That said, it may actually be cheaper in the long run to buy a kit as you'll add additional complexity by not having an HMD or controllers and you may have higher labor costs in the end as a result of the additional tinkering. A huge portion of virtual production also uses the HMD for playback and pre-viz so the HMD itself certainly has it's place in the production pipeline.

If you try to go the 1.0 basestation route - it will work but you'll be limited to 5m's diagonally.

Whatever you do - do not try to buy used basestations off ebay or another reseller site. They're mechanical devices and it's the equivalent of buying  a car with 200,000KM already on the odometer.

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