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Can't select Games


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Just installed the HTC Vive as a Christmas present for my son.

Neither of us are brilliant with computers but I can follow a set of instructions.

When looking through the headset I can see a list of the games we have on the right hand side. However when I try and select one nothing happens at all. Other functions on the screen work and we can get into Viveport etc but cannot play any games.

Please, please can anyone help.

I#m losing the will to live.

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Don't quit on us now, !


This is always a little tricky without being able to see what you're seeing. It sounds like you're talking about SteamVR here, right? You pressed the System button (underneath the trackpad) and it brought up the overlay I assume. 


When you say that nothing happens, is anything happening on your monitor? If there's an issue launching games it may be showing an error on screen when you're in the VR headset.

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Thanks for the reply, I'll try and explain.

When we start steam vr and put the headset on we get the blue menu screen where you can see games library and other options to go to store or viveport etc. These can be accessed by pointing the controller and when the beam illuminates the box a click and the link opens. However although we can do this to open the library when we click on a game, although the targeted box pops and illuminates, the game won't open, absolutely nothing happens. 

We are in a bit of a tricky situation because at the moment we cannot watch on the screen with the headset connected and are waiting for a cable to arrive today/tomorrow I hope. I did manage to get one game to work at some point by looking through the headset but at the steam screen and opening it that way but I have been unable to repeat this feat. It is imposible to see the complete screen when in the headset and I think it was pure luck rather than good judgement that got it working...well until we tried another game. Now we cannot manage to open anything but the home screen.

I've had to go back to work now and have left my son kinda disappointed. With some help I'd love to be able to fix it when I get home.

Hope you had a great Christmas.


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Hi David /  - can you tell me more about your 'missing cable'? If you're running a traditional desktop / monitor setup you should have all the cables you need with the Vive. That means you should be able to see what's happening in VR on your desktop; although some items (like the Steam menu) don't render on there.


Regardless, that would mean you could launch games in Steam or apps in Viveport directly from your desktop, instead of within VR.


I'm still a little confused about what you're seeing, but let me just outline the steps you should need to take to launch a Steam title:


- In VR, without selecting anything, press the System Menu button on either Vive controller. That's the button underneath the trackpad, right under your thumb.


- That should overlay the Steam Menu in VR. From here, you should be able to point to and select titles. Your installed VR apps/games will be listed under 'installed' which is a submenu on the left hand side.


- When you select any app that should take you to a separate screen, which has details on the game/app. It should also have a button in the top left that says 'Play in VR'. Clearly, you select that to play it; it should automatically launch.


Can you let me know if you're seeing similar?

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