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Vive tracking for ar in android


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I have just downloaded the SDK 0.91 and imported it on a new empty unity project in order to check how the detection performs on my device(No AR by the moment in the project). I have already set the minimum android version to Nougat, allowed permission to use the camera(the alert is displayed when running the .apk in my phone), put device horizontally and built the sample scene. And it seems to be detecting the hand(an sphere appears in the screen that reacts to the movement of the hand and some of the gestures that appear in the UI of the scene), so I then tried to run the HandModel scene so I could see how the detection was performing but it seems to be doing nothing.

¿Any advice you could give me so I can make this work and detect a hand?¿Anything I may not be doing?¿And would it be possible to use this hand detection alongside Vuforia or other AR engine?

Thanks a lot,



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Hi @coloal

HandModel scene does work on Android phone, since this scene requires skeleton mode which is not supported on Android phone now.

I haven't used it with Vuforia or AR engine. Since we use NDK camera to get rear camera image, and Android only support one consumer for each camera, I think this will not work with other SDKs that also use rear camera.

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