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PC Screen duplicated in Vive Cosmos


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Just bought the HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset.

I ran the HTC Vive compatibility checker beforehand and was given the all clear.

However, I can only see a duplicate of the desktop screen, which funnily enough is upside down. Room setup does not show, although it says it is running in SteamVR.

Report sent in via the VIVE Console App, but have not received any confimation email and I can't seem to find out what the tracking number is.

Running on a Dell G3 15 laptop. Connected to the DisplayPort via the the USB C (thunderbolt) port.

Whats even stranger is that if I run Xplane in VR mode for example from Steam, I get that in the VR headset and can move around as expected, although the picture is still upside down and only appears as a small strip in the middle.

Latest NVidia drivers installed.

Any help or ideas are greatfully accepted.

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1 minute ago, Clive said:

Looking at the NV control panal it is connected to Intel.

Yeah, that's what I thought. link <= a previous G3 user
You have to find a DP port that's directly from GPU, otherwise it won't work. 


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