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Vive Cosmos - Tracking Tilt

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We were playing Beat Saber tonight in our usual play area when in the middle of the song the tracking became tilted. The horizon flipped up about 10 degrees and everything became off kilter. We haven't been able to fix it yet and it's made it nearly impossible to play games without getting nauseous. Here's what we've tried:

  • Reseting the controllers and the HMD
  • Changing the lighting setup (though it worked fine previously and has for weeks)
  • Reseting our room setup
  • Re-installing the Vive software

Unfortunately, none of the above have fixed it. We're running the Cosmos wired and our controllers are fully charged. What are our options here? This seemed to happen out of nowhere. We've maybe put 40 hours onto the headset? It's kept up high in a cool location and we haven't dropped or bumped it at all so I'm pretty stumped.

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Thanks! I actually tried that on Sunday morning and I think that did it!

We've changed our environment and re-done the room setup a few times as we've tweaked lighting and stuff. Could that have caused the issue?

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